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INKSAFE Recovery Derm Shield

INKSAFE Recovery Derm Shield

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INKSAFE Recovery Derm Shield is a soft, breathable, waterproof, flexible transparent matte film adhesive bandage designed to protect your new tattoo.


It helps to prevent scabbing, fading, exposure to bacteria, dirt and abrasion, speeds up healing time.After use, you can carry out daily activities with peace of mind.

Our 6” x 11” film is pliable, non-irritating, easy to carry and cut.Cut to any size you want based on the size of the tattoo and apply.

How long do you need to wrap your tattoo?

Most tattoo artists generally recommend leaving the appointment on for 24 hours and then peeling it off and cleaning it. The second time is left on for 4-7 days until the tattoo is completely healed. The purpose of this is to prevent friction and irritation with clothes when dressing or bathing.The specific time is based on the tattoo artist’s recommendations.